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First International Conference on
Nanotechnology: Theory and Applications
Cairo, Egypt, 10 - 13 December 2018

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Nanotechnology promises are ever growing to cover diverse and new interdisciplinary applications. Nanomaterials combined with nanodevices produce wonderful applications including nanomedicine, renewable energy, smart materials, nanorobots …. This compels us to create an international caliber periodic event, where researchers across all continents could meet, discuss and discover what other colleagues are developing. Exchanging ideas about nanotechnology potentials and challenges with industrials and decision makers is another objective. Conference also aims at creating solid and long lasting ties between researchers from both developed and developing countries, through exchange of visiting professors and PhD students.


There are 4 main tracks
  • Nanomedicine

    Lab-on-chip, Drug delivery, Drug discovery, Molecular dynamics, Tissue engineering, BioMEMS ...

  • Nano for Energy

    Solar cells, Direct energy conversion, Energy storage, Biofuel, Fuel cells, ...

  • Nano for Industry

    Nano electronics, MEMS/NEMS, optoelectronics, Smart nanomaterials, Large scale production of nanomaterials, High mechanical properties, ...

  • Water food & environment

    Desalination, Water treatment, Pollution control, Nanotoxicity, Food packaging, Agricultural applications, ...

Conference invited speakers
J-M Lehn

Nobel Laureate



S Mousa, USA A Shakouri USA
M Epple, Germany J.C Guibert, France S El-Shall, USA S Colin, France
H Zhao, China B Mwakikunga, South Africa M Bechelany, France T Bourouina, France
Selectetd papers to be published in:
  • Biomedicines journal
  • Arabian Journal of Chemistry (IF:4.55)

Other journals are being negotiated to cover all other disciplines

R Bawa, USA B El-Ouadi, France H Oudadesse, France
Submit abstracts August 27, 2018
Submit revised Abstracts September 30, 2018

Eternal Egypt



The initiative of launching this event is taken by the Egyptian National Nanotechnology Network, ENNN, which has recently been adopted by the National Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, with the participation of most Egyptian universities and research centers working in nanotechnology at large. Developing international scientific cooperation is one of its major objectives. Egyptian Information, Telecommunications, Electronics, and Software Alliance (EITESAL ) is a non-profit entity of ICTE companies operating in Egypt. Fostering communication both between industrial members as well as partnership between industry and research entities is among its major objectives


Embassy of France in Egypt – French institute of Egypt

The French Institute of Egypt is the heir to the great tradition of cooperation between Egypt and France and a major actor in the bonds of friendship between the French and Egyptian populations. Its action is part of the 1968 cultural, technical and scientific cooperation agreement. The French Institute of Egypt is thus a service of the Embassy of France in Egypt whose mission is: - to contribute to the influence of French culture, language and expertise in Egypt; - to strengthen the cooperation between Egypt and France in all fields: educational and linguistic, cultural, academic, scientific and technical.


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